Music Production

Music Production



Tired of playing other people’s tracks? When you are ready to finally make your own beats from scratch, you are ready to call yourself a Producer, not just a DJ! Platinum Mixlab is ready with four levels of Music Production Classes to teach every step and technique needed to create your own music with today’s amazing software tools. Focused on the groundbreaking industry-standard program ABLETON LIVE, we will start from the very beginning with full descriptions of midi controllers, audio interfaces, plug-ins and much more. Create your own tracks in the classroom, and learn from Portland’s very own Solovox, a master user of this incredible music software. It’s time to make your own music!


Introduction to the hardware and software world of electronic music production. 101 will teach the basics of Ableton Live, audio recording, and midi programming in simple, easy-to-understand language. Whether completely new or experienced, you will walk away with a solid understanding of music software tools and will be ready to start creating.


Start creating full tracks and learn the finer points of drum programming, synthesizer basics, mixing basics, and arrangement. We will also work collectively in the class to share each other’s compositions and create a class ‘Mix’ of our creations. Begin a fuller understanding of VST plug-ins and creating a unique sound.


Learn a deeper understanding of sound design, synthesizer techniques, and sampling. Learn how to warp any audio file to fit your own musical desires. Dive deeper into mixing, learning the techniques of proper compression, equalization, gates, limiting, and more. Learn the finer points and hidden secrets inside Live’s Sampler, Drum Rack, Analog, Electric, Tension, and more.


Take your creations to the stage, and find out what Ableton Live and other programs can really do with proper use of Midi Controllers, iPads, and effects. Learn how to create an hour-long set, mix from one track to another (instrument-to-instrument!) and learn the secrets of live performance that only seasoned veterans know. Discover the secrets of Mastering your tracks to the fullest and creating mixes that will really jump out. Congratulations–you’re about to earn your Black Belt!


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