Your Platinum MixLab Instructor Team

One of the greatest things about Platinum MixLab is that you won’t be learning from just any DJ’s. We have hand picked DJ’s that are proven leaders in their market from a variety of styles and have years of experience to pass on to our students. These are our premier instructors and staff that we are proud to introduce to you.

Make sure to sign up this week for our next session and pass this email on to anyone you think would be interested in the program! See you at the MixLab!

DJ Wicked

DJ Paradox


DJ Wels


  • About Us

    Platinum MixLab was created in response to the ever growing demand of ordinary people to become extraordinary DJs, in an easy and fun environment.

    From the history and culture of DJing, to the tools and techniques that the modern DJ employs, Platinum MixLab offers the programs to make you the DJ you’ve always wanted to be.

    Whether you are a total beginner or a seasoned veteran, Platinum MixLab can take you to the next level.

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