Our facility is located above Platinum Records on 104 SW 2nd in the heart of downtown Portland’s entertainment district. Platinum Records has been a DJ and music lovers must stop in Portland since 1993.

Our facility is equipped to support up to 10 students in a class. Each student will have their own workstation consisting of turntables, mixer, needles, a studio monitor, and practice records. The gear is all industry standard equipment that will prepare you for any setting you may encounter in a real world situation.

Open Deck / Practice Times

We are committed to giving our students every opportunity to succeed. Part of that commitment is giving every student the ability to practice in a safe and prosperous environment. We have rotating practice times every week that any MixLab student is free to attend and use the equipment available to increase their skills on their own.

The best way to increase your skill level quickly is to practice the lessons that you are taught at the MixLab. Practice makes perfect! Bring your headphones and have fun!