Intro Class

Not sure if DJing is for you? Try our 2 hour intro class. Located in the heart of downtown Portland’s entertainment district, this cutting-edge music haven is fully equipped to teach you how to DJ. Trial classes are capped at 24 participants. Led by a skilled DJ, the session will begin with the basics of mixing and scratching to see if you have what it takes. Ages 12 and older are welcome to try their skills in these afternoon or evening sessions.

Skills covered will include:

  • 2 hours hands-on exposure
  • Basics of mixing and scratching


Beginner Course

The beginner course is designed to take you from the basics of mixing and scratching, all the way up to advanced mixing techniques and live club performance scenarios. Regardless of skill level, this course will give you new tools that you can immediately apply to your DJ sets.

Skills covered will include:

  • Full month of hands-on exposure
  • Basics of mixing and scratching
  • DJ fundamentals, DJ history, music and mixing theory
  • Beat-matching and scratching techniques
  • Live club and performance scenarios


Intermediate Course

DJing is a unique artform with a rich history and long-standing underground culture. Learning the process of scratching and incorporating the techniques into your sets will add the ingredient of showmanship and individuality. What you learn in this course will separate you from the pack.

Skills covered will include:

  • Full month of hands-on exposure
  • Advanced cross-genre mixing techniques
  • Beat counting and timing
  • Skill and dexterity drills

Advanced students will have a chance to appear as an opener at some of Portland’s hottest nightclubs. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a 15 minute mixtape demo of their own design under guidance of the instructor.